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“Education is not the learning of the facts, but the training of the minds to think.”

A quote close to my heart lays the foundation of the system of Education and illumination for life. Keeping this thought as its goal the school since its establishment in 1988 is working towards making the society a better place by giving quality education to its students.

Keeping this in mind, I have a always believed in 360 degree theory of Education Spectrum .Education for me is thus an avenue for working on the pupil’s individuality and team building skills . Skills that will enable them to prepare themselve not only to face the challenges and adversities of the world, but also to conquer on them on their own terms.

With our broad do my homework for me write my paper for me curriculum spectrum coupled with system of individual attention to the potential of each student we expect our students to gain academic excellence of natural bend mark. The infrastructure of the school which matches with the best of the schools being constantly upgraded in order to make schooling a fun filled experience.

Let us then work together towards raising ethical and happy children and send them out in the world as the flag bearers of a brighter tomorrow, citizens of the world and pride of our nation.

Looking forward to a strong bond of trust, affection, love and respect between parents and teachers. Let’s share the responsibility of nurturing the children together as one for they are ours to love and train together.

Ms. Jyoti Sharma
Principal, UPSSS Faridabad.